ZVU Kovárna a.s.

is a stable and reliable partner for the delivery of forgings and finished products for machinery production, production of bearings, chemical industry and nuclear power industry made of low alloy to high alloy steel for very demanding and specific applications.

ISO 9001This manufacturing tradition dates back to the year 1869, and it is connected with the history of the original Skoda Works.
We are holders of an international quality certificate.

Our products

  • Bushes
  • Die forgings
  • Discs full or with hole
  • Flanges – welding neck, blind, lap joint
  • Forged T, L, Y pieces
  • Rings forged on mandrel
  • Rolled rings
  • Round section forgings
  • Square section forgings
Products overview

Manufacturing possibilities

  • Forgings

    Manufacture of open die forgings, die forgings and hot-rolled rings  

  • Heat treatment

    All kinds of heat treatment (normalization, soft annealing, isothermal annealing, dissolving, stress-relief annealing, hardening treatment) are…

  • Machining

    Rough and final machining of forgings, forming tools and fixtures  

  • Inspection and testing

    The properties of all our products are declared with certificates, and all types of tests of mechanical properties including corrosion resistance…


What is new?

New radial-axial ring rolling machine

The new radial-axial ring rolling machine was put into operation. The production capabilities of the new device are : D max 2000 mm, H max 500 mm, weight max 1500 kg

1. 9. 2014

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Stable and reliable partner

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