ZVU Kovárna a.s.is a stable and reliable partner for the delivery of products for machinery production, production of bearings, chemical industry and nuclear power industry made of low alloy to high alloy steel for very demanding and specific applications. With its access to customers the company is a recognized and sought-after partner.

The company manufactures and supplies open die forged and die forged pieces and rolled rings. It also performs all types of heat treatment (normalization, soft annealing, isothermal annealing, dissolving, stress-relief annealing, hardening treatment etc.) and the rough and final machining of forged pieces. The properties of all products are certified, and in cooperation with external accredited laboratories the company ensures all the types of chemical, mechanical and non-destructive tests required by the customer.

Proceeding from the strategic aims, the management of the organisation has these aims, and it undertakes:

  1. During all processes of the environment system, to apply the principles and fundamentals of the international standard EN ISO 14001, to involve all of the organisation's employees in its practical application, and to create conditions for minimal environmental burden as a result of its business activities.
  1. To operate an environmental care management system and develop it under the conditions of valid legislation and standards with respect for the requirements of occupational health and safety and prevention of environmental pollution.
  1. To focus on a systematic raising of its employees' awareness of the principles of care for the environment through regular training and monitoring, for the adoption and acquiring of such habits in their activity and life that result in their contributing to the elimination of environmental burden in all its forms.
  1. To systematically identify the environmental influences in all areas of the organisation's activity, to evaluate systematically the production processes with regard to the use of all input raw materials and energy, and to ensure a reduction in waste, and level of air, soil and water pollution.


The management of the organisation has adopted this Environmental Policy as a specification for designating the annual aims and target values when making improvements in specific elements of environmental care, and it undertakes to work on the creation of the necessary resources for fulfilling the designated intentions and aims. It also undertakes to verify regularly the state of the environmental management system in the organisation and the results of its improvement.


Approved by: Ing. Karel Páral, Vice-chairman of the Board of Directors

Hradec Králové,  December 20, 2012

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