Forgings and machined forgings from carbon steel, low-alloy, middle alloy and high alloy steel.



Manufacture of open die forgings, die forgings and hot-rolled rings



Heat treatment

All kinds of heat treatment (normalization, soft annealing, isothermal annealing, dissolving, stress-relief annealing, hardening treatment) are carried out in our company except from termo-chemical processes. Heat treatment of forgings is carried out in electric and gas fired furnaces with oil and water bath for quenching and tempering. All furnaces for heat treatment are equipped with automatic temperature control, measuring and recording instruments.




Rough and final machining of forgings, forming tools and fixtures



Inspection and testing

The properties of all our products are declared with certificates, and all types of tests of mechanical properties including corrosion resistance test, magnetic properties, hardening ability, micro purity, metallography, etc. are ensured in cooperation with external accredited laboratories.

Non-destructive tests mentioned below are carried out by our qualified experts.



Manufacturing possibilities

Rings forged on mandrel

Technical data D max 1200 mm d min 100 mm H max 450…

Flanges – welding neck, blind, lap joint

DN 10 – DN 1000 PN 64 – PN 400  

Die forgings

D max 310mm Weight max. 15 kg    

Rolled rings

Technical data D max 2000 mm d min 130 mm H max 500…
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